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‘St Hugh’s is an outstanding Catholic school where members of the school and parish community ensure all receive a warm welcome.’ Denominational Inspection Report March 2019



Mathematics is integral to all aspects of life and so it is important that children at St. Hugh’s enjoy learning and developing the skills necessary to feel confident and achieve success. Children are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process enabling them to become independent, inquisitive problem solvers! Strong emphasis is placed on the development of mental arithmetic and using and applying the knowledge and skills learnt to real-life problems and other curriculum areas.

Maths is taught through a daily numeracy lesson following the Primary Framework. Those pupils identified as needing extra help with the number aspect of the curriculum may be offered extra support in a small group for approximately 45 minutes a week. In addition, high achievers in Year 6 are given the opportunity to take part in Maths challenges offered by local secondary schools.


The measurement of Time


Please click on the individual links for the relevant year group:


The measurement of Time - Key Stage 1

The measurement of Time - Key Stage 2


Key Objectives and Recall Facts, by year group


Please click on the relevant links below to view (or download) the objectives and recall facts for each year group:


Year 1

Year 1 - Key Objectives

Year 1 - Maths Recall Facts


Year 2

Year 2 - Key Objectives 

Year 2 - Maths Recall Facts


Year 3

Year 3 - Key Objectives 

Year 3 - Maths Recall Facts


Year 4

Year 4 - Key Objectives 

Year 4 - Maths Recall Facts


Year 5

Year 5 - Key Objectives 

Year 5 - Maths Recall Facts


Year 6

Year 6 - Key Objectives

Year 6 - Maths Recall Facts



A guide to the new National Curriculum


Please click here to view or download a copy of the Parents Complete Curriculum Guide.



To help parents support their child’s learning, a ‘hands-on’ Maths workshop is held once a year, giving parents the chance to try some of the activities their children experience at school.


Please click here to view information from the KS1 Maths Information evening for Year 1 and 2 parents held on 23rd February 2016.


Some websites for you to try:              Exactly what it says!  Great for finding out what those terms mean!                                    Activities and games for all year groups                       For those who need a challenge!