St Hugh's Catholic Primary School


Outdoor Play

Here at St Hugh’s, we love to explore the outdoors! In this area we get to develop our physical skills and gross motor movements such as jumping, climbing, balancing, throwing, catching, as well as learning to ride the scooters, bikes and trikes with skill and precision.


We build the most fabulous models and obstacle courses using the wooden blocks, crates and planks and this is where our imagination shines. Every day is different and no two models are the same.


We get to experience the changing seasons, look for minibeasts with our magnifying glasses, as well as looking after our plants. We have planted herbs which we are watering each day and monitoring to look for shoots and signs of growth. We have also been observing the strawberry plants, however we can’t see any fruits yet!


The stage is where we get to PERFORM! We love to put on a show, by singing, dancing and playing the musical instruments. We explore the different percussion instruments and add the music to our performance.


The water area is another area where we get to develop our maths skills and vocabulary as well as learning how to pour water, transport water, how water flows etc. Whilst we have lots of fun splashing and getting wet, we are experimenting and learning new things about water and capacity.