St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

Geography Curriculum- What's happening?

Autumn Term

Year 1- Let’s Visit Australia

Welcome to Australia, the land down under! This fabulous unit explores the geography of Australia, its famous features and culture. Children discover how Australia's states and territories piece together to make-up the vast continent and will be able to visualise and describe the many varied landscapes. Children will use maps and symbols to improve their mapping skills and find out where Australia's animals live and what they eat. They will go on to explore the culture and lifestyle of some typical Australian children and make comparisons between Australia and the United Kingdom.


Year 2- My World and Me

We will help our classes to understand where the seven continents of the world are and how their proximity to the equator or the poles affects their climate. This is a perfect way to build on children’s knowledge of hot and cold areas of the world. The children will visit different countries and explore their climate and land features and undertake a variety of fun activities to help them learn more about each one. We’ll have a collection of knowledgeable explorers in no time!


Year 3- Investigating India

India! Sacred rivers, towering mountains, ever-changing climate, rich culture, beautiful temples and bustling cities. The class will be mesmerised by the true essence of India. The children will investigate India’s climate and physical geography with detailed maps and resources. They will explore the major mountains and rivers that dictate India's population and climate patterns, locate major cities in India and investigate the human and physical features found there. We will also compare and contrast India to the United Kingdom with the use of detailed image cards and clear maps and photos.



Year 4- Village Settlers

We will travel back to the time of the early village settlers and discover how the towns and villages around them got their names and why certain areas were chosen as settlements. These historical Geography lessons will give our children a greater understanding of how our villages were formed, but also to improve their map knowledge and skills. Children will discover how reading maps can tell them what a village is like and will allow them to practise giving directions using their knowledge of different types of roads.


Year 5- The Grand Canyon

The children will learn everything they need to know about the world's most famous canyon. They will discover how the canyon was formed, the climate conditions and different environments in and around it, how the land is used for tourism and by American Indian tribes and much, much more!


Year 6- Exploring Scandinavia

Within the classroom, we will take our Year 6 children on a fascinating journey to Scandinavia to explore the location, features and culture of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They will find out how the climates differ in various areas of Scandinavia, explore spectacular scenery, learn about the culture and lifestyle in Scandinavian countries and examine how areas in the UK and Scandinavia are similar and different.