St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

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Park Road, Timperley, Cheshire, WA15 6TQ


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Meet The Team


 Senior Management team:


Mr A McMorrow               Headteacher

Mrs AM McDonough         Deputy Head

Mrs C Parr                       Assistant Head

Mrs J Pearson                 Assistant Head

Mr D Gilby                       Assistant Head

Mrs L McGee                   Special Needs coordinator (SENCO) 

Mrs E Ryder                    Teaching Assistants’ Team Leader


Class teachers & responsibilities:


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Nursery Teacher:

Mrs B Sullivan    


Reception Teachers:

Miss E Bannister   Design Technology Coordinator

Miss N Hesketh    PE coordinator & EYFS Lead

Mrs M Lumsden    


Year 1 Teachers:

Mrs C Fisher    Literacy coordinator (KS1 & 2)

Miss R Hanley  School Council & Art coordinator

Mrs S Halsey   Maths coordinator (KS1)


Year 2 Teachers:

Mrs C Haughton      History coordinator

Mrs C Parr       Key Stage 1 Department Leader (Years 1 & 2) & ARR coordinator (Assessment Recording & Reporting)

Miss K Pollitt  Literacy coordinator (KS1 & 2)


Year 3 Teachers:

Mrs J Pearson      Lower Junior Department Leader (Years 3 & 4) ITT, Choir & Pastoral Care, Pupil Welfare Officer and LAC Designated Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs V Budd (job share)  PHSE coordinator

Mrs V Parry (job share)

Mrs L Thorncroft (job share) 

Mrs E Fryer (job share)  


Year 4 Teachers:

Mrs S Capey     RE

Mr King

Mrs N Wright    Geography coordinator


Year 5 Teachers:

Miss F Sheridan        Eco-Council & Art Coordinator

Mr R Todd     ICT coordinator

Miss A Tuite     MFL coordinator (Modern Foreign Languages)


Year 6 Teachers:

Mr D Gilby     Upper Junior Department Leader (Years 5 and 6) and ARR coordinator (Assessment Recording & Reporting)

Mr T Johnston

Mrs K Pearson     

Mrs V Smith     Maths coordinator (KS2)


Additional teaching staff:

Mrs AM McDonough      CPD (Continuous Professional Development), Designated Safeguarding Lead & Support Teacher

Mrs L McGee     SENCO and PLAC Designated teacher 

Mrs C Rawlings    Support Teacher

Mrs J Ayling     Support Teacher



Teaching Assistants:

Mrs E Atherton              

Mrs J Burns                   

Mrs B Coyle                    

Mrs J Heneghan            

Mrs D Jenkinson            

Mrs K Kenny

Mrs A MacFarlane                    

Mrs M Noble

Mrs K O’Rourke

Mrs S Spilsbury

Mrs M Reilly

Mrs G Ronan      Music coordinator (temporary)

Mrs E Ryan

Mrs E Ryder

Mrs A Wardale


Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs T Baldwin

Mrs B Butler    

Ms A Collins

Mrs J Cookson

Mrs C Greenslade    Rainbows coordinator

Miss S Grogan

Mrs J Heneghan  

Mrs S Hillier 

Mrs M Kerrigan

Mrs Z McNally

Mrs F Murphy

Miss C O’Donnell

Mrs J Povah

Mrs E Ryan  

Miss R Serrage              

Mrs L Turner          

Admin Support:

Mrs W Lydon      Office Manager

Mrs H Welby      School Secretary

Mrs C Mason       School Secretary

Swans@Play Manager and School Liaison: 

Mrs P Powell


Midday Supervisor:

Mrs N Shaw


Kitchen Supervisor:

Mrs D Hawes


Site Manager:

Mr J O’Connor