At St Hugh’s, ICT is embedded throughout the curriculum. The scheme of work is designed to support our children’s development in ICT across all key stages, and provide them with relevant and practical skills that can be used and applied inside and outside of the classroom.


Through a cross curricular approach, children are given opportunities to apply and develop their ICT capability in all subjects, by using a range of technological devices.


Click here to see how the children in Year 2 use the PC's and Beebots to learn programming skills.





Children are now able to use Learnpads in school.

As an example of how they might be used, Year 2 have beenlooking at how to find information using the internet. This unit of work links to our history topic on the Great Fire of London. The children accessed the BBC schools website to find out about Samuel Pepys:



Keeping our children safe online


We ask that children be aware of their own and other's safety and security when using computers, the Internet and other electronic devices. Children are taught how to keep themselves and their friends safe and happy online, and are encouraged to be responsible with personal information.


All children are asked to adhere to an acceptable use policy before using the Internet in school.

You may view this document here:  Acceptable_Use_of_ICT_policy_pupils.doc


Safer Internet Day 2016


 Please click here to view more information from our latest Safer Internet Day at St Hugh's - February 2016.


How SMART are you?


Use these sites to explore the issue of E-safety with your child, and encourage them to follow the SMART rules at home as well as school.


For KS2 Children:


For KS1 Children:


For Parents: