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Payments to school



In any school year, there will be occasions when payments are sent in to school. This section is intended to give an overview of what payments are made to various parties (e.g. St Hugh's school, Trafford Council, the PTA, etc).


Parent Pay (School Meals only)

The online payment system,  Parent Pay, was introduced from 4th January 2017 for school meal payments only.  Please note that this replaces all previous payment methods (e.g. Cash, cheque, etc).


You can access the ParentPay login page by clicking here.


Payments to St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

Payments for the following are made directly to the school:

School trips

Milk (Reception children aged 5)

St Hugh’s School Fund & the Diocese of Shrewsbury School Building Fund (see "Additional Information" below)

Either Cash or Cheques are acceptable. Cheques should be made payable to “St Hughs Catholic Primary School”.


For the half-term commencing Monday 4th September 2017, school lunches will cost £70.00 for children in Year 3 and above (35 days at £2 per day). Payment to be made via Parent Pay.


Additional information:


Payments to the St Hugh’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Please click here to visit the PTA website.