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October 2017



In Maths this week we have been using our angle testers to go around the school and our homes and test for right angles!


We found lots in our classroom. We discovered our angle testers fit into square corners where two lines meet but they don’t fit into curves or very wide shapes.


Look-  We’re going on an ANGLE HUNT…. We’re going to catch a right angle…..



Place Value

We have been using Base 10 rods and ‘ones’ cubes to help us order numbers and work out whether 12 or 21 is the biggest number.


We have been counting to 100 on a number line and trying to recognise all the numbers to 100!


We have been trying to write 2 digit numbers the right way round so that 25 is made of 2 tens and five ones so that we don’t write it down as 52.


Please practise this at home. You can use 10p coins and 1p coins to practise this with your children too.


Sorting shapes into Venn diagrams


We have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes and sorting them into Venn diagrams. We chose two categories such as blue and straight edges and we realised that the middle part was for blue shapes with straight edges. We put any shapes that don’t fit into the sorting hoops outside (in the cold)!


Then we decided to sort the shapes into straight edges and curved edges and so the middle part was for shapes with both curved and straight edges! We only had one called a semi-circle!